Hi folks: I just found out I’ve got a words press account so I’m going to text the second blog thing here. What would you like covered in this blog ? Poetic Conversations is the events Calendar and this will be more content driven but what content do yo think you want just to set the tone ost people think of me as a poet. I’m not really one. Some think I’m a salesman and while I have spent over 30 years as a sales professional, selling itself is an aquired skill anyone can Learn to sell. That’s easy! I can talk about that if you want buyt my way of aplying this ois what I call being a Star Maker. I’ve been using my sales talents and connections to take folks of the “open mic” circut and get then HBO specials and such. I’ve also used my skills to help folks with mental heath chalanges  get the first jobs the ever had  because they were never taught they could do any better than “The Ward”    would yo like more on that in the next post?  Please level your comments and let me know  okay? Have a good one!M